Ozen Milling Machine;

It directed to it's manufacturing with support of past experience and knowledge, participations of it's customers and users in producing machine principle through using advance technology.

It proceed on it's way in unity and solidarity understanding in 20,000 m² indoor area through RE&DE development through the constituents transferring their experiences to their grown masters.

Ozen Milling Machine thanks to it customers, users for their providing support.

Our Quality Policy

Our goal is Providing satisfaction of our clients and making permanence the competetion power of our company.

We makie permanence our clients's trust to our company and products with continual treatment activities. Our previous postulate to reduce costs with lowering mistakes and casualties.

All employees participate to processing quality and treatment studies with mentality of: "quality is everybody's work".

We follow the technological progressions and make a cooperation with our accumulaters to make a mutual benefit for competing.

We alm clean and confident environment in the project of our products and keep the harm of environment a few when producting.

We believe the importance that comminicating of education and information with mentality of: "Human is very important provance" and we provide comfort and peaceful working surroundings to our employess with reigning communication and respect to human...
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